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Glass Flake Micropowder

Product Name Product Model Product Performance & Application
Glass Flake F-20M/80M/120M/180M/300M/600M/800M/F-SF/NCF-600/NCF-140/NCF-160/NCF-015/NCF-1160/NCF-2260 etc. Glass flake belongs to environment friendly functional materials, low heavy metal content, non-toxic, odorless, transparent white ultrathin lamellar morphology, is the best preservation medium for preservation coating system in the world. Mainly applicable for heavy anticorrosion industrial coating and desulfurization section of electric plant, strengthen and modified for plastic, excellent quality, with similar product specification and technical indicator of famous corporations in global, sitting in the leading position of substitute of imported products and overseas exporting in inland China.
Glass Dust/Transparent Powder series GP-100/GP-200 series White transparent powder, ordinary grade and low melting point, fine powder particle, has best wetting property with various kinds of resins, also have good affinity with other component in coating system, good adsorption property, can be easily equably on the surface of varnish film for enhance the hardness, have good property of anti-friction, anti-scratches, also have anti-acid, chemcial resistance, anti-arc features. Mostly applicable for furniture coating, UV-curable floor paint, preservation and high-temperature coating, plastic and rubber areas.
Glass Fiber NER/NCR series Glass filament & Glass chopped fiber Environmental reinforcing material, alkali-free and medium alkali products. This product is made of high quality raw material production, surface coated with treating compound, have good infiltrating and intermiscibility with resin, plastic and coating organic materials, it can dramatically improve the mechanical strength of the product,wear-resistance & heat resistance performance, in the ceramic industry, plastic rubber industry, coating industry (insulating mould coating and other anticorrosive paint) building and cement industry areas for strengthen, heat preservation, anticorrosion and heat insulation effects, has been adopted by most domestic and international customers used in their major projects.
Ceramic Microsphere and Micropowder series C-600M/C-800M/C-1200MC-2000M/C-3000M Also call glass microsphere, white powder, melting with high temperature, good properties of thermostability, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, low mixed viscosity, good dispersion and liquidity, mainly applicable for anticorrosion industrial coating, prime coating, heat preservation coating, also suitable for plastic & rubber industry areas. Price is most competitiveness.
Hollow Glass Microsphere series   White transparent glass microsphere, mainly apply to industrial coating, powder coating, insulating mould coating, thermal insulation material, coil coating, fire retardant coating, glass fiber reinforced plastics and artificial marble, synthetic wood, emulsion explosive etc., also widely used in plastic & rubber industrial areas.
Silicon Powder & Silica Micropowder series SG/TG/UG/FG/NG series White powder. mainly suitable for fireproofing materials, wall thermal insulation materials, industrial thermal insulation coating, industrial anticorrosion coatings, plastic industry, electronic industry territory. The products with good advantage of light quality, hgher intensity, anticorrosion, heat preservation, insulation and fire resistance.

■ NOELSON™ glass flake, glass fiber, and other micro-powder products series, currently are the famous branded products for application and promotional with comprehensive models in inland China. Noelson Chemicals is one of the earliest corporation of development of glass flake products in domestic, over the years,we continuous to introduce the various kinds of advanced technology, widely cooperate with relative research organization and institutions, developing the series products suitable for market needs; besides of products supplied in domestic market, but also for exported, has a certain influence both at home and aboard. In future, we will keep track of international cutting-edge technology, research and development of latest products, offset the market vacancy in domestic and overseas, ensuring our leading position in the industry.